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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 9, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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have a great show. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a terrific day. >> good morning, everyone. it is thursday and october 9th. i am gretchen carlson. is there a new national security blunder haunting the white house? they turned down extra security for americans killed there. where is the media? >> steve: speaking of media hear how paul ryan when reporter tried to put words in his mouth. brian? >> brian: i will take it from here . an american gunned down while jet skiing with his wife. this morning we may not what happened. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. the team is back. brian is back. i speculated you did soccer? >> brian: and celebrating with my people. i am a bipartisan person. i celebrate st. patrick's day and columbus. >> steve: you are half irish and half -- >> gretchen: what does that mean. >> steve: you are celebrating st. ikea. >> brian: yes, we exchange dowels and put together my lounge chair >> gretchen: i had fun filling for you in the radio. i don't know how he does it. three hour of this and then three hours of radio. >> brian: makes no sense. >> gretchen: hopefully it will make sense for the headlines for you this morning. overnight north korea warning
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the united states you are within range of our missiles this in response of a deal south korea made with washington. they tripled the range of missiles in case of an attack from the north. two year old case of the murdered american jet skier. this man was arrested. they believe he was responsible for the death of david hartley. he was killed on lake falcon lake. it raises more questions now about his death. >> i don't believe he pulled the trigger. he either said yes go ahead or he had something to do with the guys behind it. >> gretchen: it is believed that escobito killed 50 people with his hand and ordered hundreds more. the deadly menigitus outbreak
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could affect more people. so far 8 people have diet. experts say there is no way to know how many people will get sick. the massachusetts pharmacy that made the shots that are used to treat back pain recalled all of their products. police in philadelphia looking at this video of a deadly brawl between two wedding parties. three people have been arrest after reviewing the video, there may be more. the fight broke out in the sheretan hotel. the teen who caught it all on camera was there with his family for his birthday. one man died in the chaos. it is believed he is the uncle of one of the bride and had a
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heart attack. those are the headlines this morning. >> steve: i was down in philly and i heard a report that it may have started when someone took a swing at one of the brides. >> brian: that's crazy . >> steve: we know to get request to get more security in the u.s. embassy were denied. the house overnight hearing will try to get answers. doug is live with what we know. >> that's right, steve. intelligence officials will testify about the terrorist attack in the benghazi consulate in what looks to be a administration cover up in the failures on the deaths of chris stevens and three others. lieutenant colonel andrew wood told cbs news that his request for beefed-up security was rejected by washington. the man in charge of all state
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department personnel is under patrick kennedy who held the job since 2007. fox news learned that the day after the attack kennedy privately briefed the staffers and told them it appears to be a sophisticated attack. but four days after that briefing, the u.s. ambassador susan rice offered a different narrative. she said rather that we don't see at this point that it was a coordinated premeditated attack. it was three days before any senior u.s. official stated that the benghazi incident was indeed a terrorist attack. >> the americans deserve the truth on what happened. you will find that the bits and pieces are coming out. we are both troubled by what we saw unfold.
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in the end the truth ought to be done and people ought to be held accountable if bad decisions were mad. >> the u.s. has obtained footage of when the attacks were actually underway. that should shed light on what happened in benghazi. >> steve: we'll be watching. thank you very much. >> brian: it is amazing that the state department are saying, hey, like the colonel i have been trying to warn for weeks and the state department said stop complaining and then four people dead. and the under secretary made it clear within 24 hours that the attack on 9/11 was a sophisticated attack and indicated that there was a complex and not a protest that got out of the hand. there not that kind of weapons that you tote around.
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similar to what john mccain said after the attack. >> gretchen: why is that important? apparently patrick kennedy who works as under secretary of state he gave unclassified information and there is no excuse for susan rice four days after that go on the sunday talk shows and saying it is about the videotape. she is in the inner circle of the administration . she would have known about it but it is unclassified according to the report. >> steve: that was before the attack. after the attack four americans dragged out and murdered there, we tried to get back. remember that story, the f.b.i. couldn't get back for weeks to the exact sight. >> brian: they were staying there 24 hours. >> steve: apparently there was -- this is where the white house in one of the instances fell down. they needed coordination
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between the libyans and department of justice and f.b.i.. the white house should have made that happen. they did not. people are starting to connect the dots. it looks like a cover up. last night on the bill o'reilly program. brit hume sat down with bill, smells like a problem for the white house. if this president were a republican, this would be a big story on all of the channels which currently it is not. >> certainly it is fair to say if it was a republican president. >> they would be going wild. >> a huge to do not only in the security and intelligence failure and senate cover up. that trail would be picked up it has fallen to fox new to follow up. >> pbs news did a good job. it comes down to cheryl. >> she is a very good reporter and that is one phase of the
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story. that is the security and intelligence failure story. the intelligence story on a parallel track and the main stream media has done little. >> gretchen: and the administration is wanting that to happen until after the election. there will be a house committee hearing on capitol hill . people will be testifying like this american security officer lieutenant colonel andy wood who agreed to testify before the panel and talk about whether pleas for enhanced security were rebuffed by the statement was there enough security there . the second argument from brit hume was there a cover up here? >> brian: one name left out, cherylat kins and katherine is leading the charge along with
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jennifer griffin over there. it is note worthy, but the fact is, when you talk about foreign policy, everybody said don't touch that including his own advisors. wait a second. afghanistan is a mess. iraq we left too early and libya situation in the victory column is dubious at best. >> steve: we will be talking to congressman jason chaffetz who is on a fact-finding mission. we'll talk about paul ryan. he sat down with the abc affiliate. a reporter by the name of terry camp. terry camp had gotcha questions in mind and this is the first part of their exchange, listen. >> the country has a gun problem. >> this country has a crime problem. >> not a gun problem. >> no. i don't think president obama
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is proposing more gun laws. we have make sure we have enforce our laws. we need to make sure we enforce the laws. best way to prevent violent crime in the cities is bring opportunity. >> that is all they are releasing. too many people are making about the fact that paul ryan was about to stop to the interview. we have verb batum of what happened next. >> gretchen: the reporter and they were talking about gun violence in the inner city and paul ryan said bringing opportunity. and you can do that with cutting taxes with a big tax cut. >> paul ryan said those are your word and not mine thampts kind of strange are you trying to stuff words in people's mouths. this was a local affiliate out of flint, michigan. an
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important state. >> brian: especially the polls are closing to within three. and it is interesting that paul ryan is out giving interviews and vice-president biden is in a six day -- c>> steve: no kidding. good for paul ryan stick to the press. the guy had something in mind. and it is the thing that newt gingrich did and was effective. maybe joe biden should be looking for that paul ryan. >> gretchen: the mitt romney declaring war on the president obama. >> how does romney's plan stack up. veteran of the wars. coming up next. >> brian: you never saw a full fight quite like this one. >> steve: oh, my goodness. you are right.
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>> brian: presidential cand date mitt romney took a shot to the president's approach to foreign affairings. >> i know the president hopes for a freer and prosperous middle east and i share this hope. but hope is not a strategy. we can't support our friend and defeat enemy in the middle east when our wors are not backed up with deeds. our defense spending is deeply cut . we have no trade agenda to speak of and the perception of our strategy is not one of partnership but of passivity. >> steve: here is pete is
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here. >> good morning. >> steve: mitt romney would like to be commander-in-chief. did he make a good case for himself . >> it was a fantastic speech and speech about leadership and carrying the mantel for freedom and still in a dark and difficult world and used libya for the larger struggle we face. he put it in the context of the larger foil we have faced. there are forces of radical islamism that seek our destruction and we stand up up to that. there will not be daylight for israel. and red line for iran. >> brian: he brought up the fact george marshall said the best thing to do to avoid war
3:18 am
is to build up our defense and make us stronger. that's the best deterrent in war and proposed to build that rather than shrink the military. >> that is right. that is the difference between governor romney approach and the president. peace through strength. and the president said standing back is less provocative and invites less challenge. you saw in libya and in iran's pursuit of the nuclear weapon and assad willingness to shoot down rebels. romney took that on directly. >> steve: here is the response to rom romm's. president obama has shown he is tough and responsible and steady commander-in-chief. mitt romney shows he would be the exact opposite. behind the tough talk he is erratic and unsteady and
3:19 am
irresponsible on his audition in the world stage. would you agree with that. >> of course not. they can say over and over again. especially when romney talks about not setting a time limit. >> brian: let me bring you to afghanistan real quick before we run out of time. a reporter came out in a speech in washington and said the administration has been lying and there is a narrative coming out of the washington that is nonsense. she got out of afghanistan like you d and she said the taliban is gaining strength and we are not told the truth. that is a farrah phrase for word and that is her position. is it yours. >> the taliban is gaining strength and there is a narrative from administration. i want the narrative to be progress in afghanistan especially with all .
3:20 am
sacrifice and surge and the guys who fought. but the political solution hasn't moved. karzai's government is corrupt and the taliban is gaining strength. it is not a pretty picture what of the world in afghanistan would look like in 2014. >> the surge ended too soon and he did not listen to the people on the ground and the generals spoke up he was told to be director of the cia. >> steve: next up. the naked constitution . what is it and what do our founding fathers have to do with it? >> brian: and an industry that leans left but kid rock doesn't care. >> i believe it is okay to disagree on politics and the direction of the country without hating one another. >> brian: hear what the guy
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24 minutes after the hour. please put something on. gas prices pushes six dollars in san diego. and california hits another record high. average price is 4.60 -- 5.60. and state lawmakers want a investigation in the price surge. fellis balmgardener will put his life on the line. he will jump out from a
3:25 am
capsule. and if all goes according to plan he will hit a top speed of 600 miles per hour and not hit us. >> you would have to go along for a right. when it come tots role of the federal government both cand dates made their roles clear and they did it in the first debate. >> the federal government will open up opportunity and create ladders of opportunity and create frame works where the american people can succeed . >> look behind us. the constitution and declaration of independence. the role of government is promote and protect the principles of those documents. first life and liberty. we have a responsibility to protect the lifes and liberty of our people. >> gretchen: our next guest said it is our constitution that is hang nothing the balance with the upcoming election . joining me is the author of
3:26 am
the naked constitution what the founders said and why it matters. i love the title. it is catchy. >> it is interesting to see the last debate about the definition of the constitution. you call it the lifing constitution. what do you mean by that? >> the greatest threat to the constitution and we are in danger of losing the founding father's vision of government is not any politician or judge. the greater threat is the philosophy of the lifing constitution and said that the constitution can change without any amendment it is it a theory that is pushed by legal elites and professors and judges who are trying to convince the americans that the constitution change by themselves and only the legal elites can explainn what the constitution means. >> gretchen: changes how they see fit over time.
3:27 am
how? >> the commerce clause is part of the powers f the federal government and said that the federal government has power to stop the states from raising protectionist barriers. that's what it meant to the founding fathers and over time and especially since the new deal, the supreme court said the commerce clause gives congress power to pass any law that has affect on commerce. it is the clause that is often used to justify federal programs. >> gretchen: the biggest one of late is obama care. we'll talk about the first amendment and with regard to religion, how? >> religion clauses are the first part of the first amendment it was very, very important to the founders and the key words are free exercise of religion. that means more than just able
3:28 am
to worship the knod - god of your choice but live the dictates of your religion. in 1990, the supreme court started to change that provision. the supreme court simply said. state and federal governments can now infringe on religious freedom as long as they do it in a neutral fashion. with obama care you can see even religious organization have to subsidize abortion and in the case of sandra fluke who was in the democratic convention. >> gretchen: it is the naked constitution. check it out. it is on sale today. do you think a victim of a shooting should hold a gun maker responsible? did jack have to die when the titantic went down? wait until you see what they
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>> it is not looking good for this baby antilope. the lion has its sights set. it was captured in uganda. the lion is inching close yer closer and then the unexpected happens. look at this tener moment. the lion was seen picking it up by the scuff of the neck and carrying it away. i started to read that. that lion elsa. >> steve: born free. >> brian: at least by people. >> gretchen: that was in the same era of brian song. >> brian: a lot of sadness going on. brine song. >> gretchen: and old yellar. >> steve: we will get the
3:34 am
headlines. >> brian: steve looks to me. name on the prompter. counter the hesbollah drones. israel deployed u.s. patriot missiles this after israel shot down an unmanned zone. israel pounding the gaza strip after hamas and gasa hit shells. >> steve: abandoning on recordd. wall street donated a million in 2008. but this election they didn't even donate $150,000. employees felt betrayed by the president after he was elected.
3:35 am
so far goldman employees gave $900,000 to mitt romney's campaign which has not called them fat cats. >> gretchen: you have never seen a bull fight like this one. [applause] >> gretchen: yeah, the guys are tossed around like rag dolls. it lets them jump in the ring. see what kind of insurance cover: two of them were injured seriously. >> brian: jack and rose on the titantic floating on the icy waters of atlantic. what if there was a way jack could have been kept alive. ♪ >> i don't want you to go jack. i will never let go. >> brian: sadly that is the
3:36 am
last song he ever hear. when put to the test if the couple put rosy life precessor under the piece of wood they would have survived and we wouldn't have heard that song every day for five years. >> steve: and they could have watched cable tv. >> brian: and wireless in the water and need to go to that. if she liked him, she would have done something with the piece of wood. let's move on to kid rock. >> gretchen: you know he has supported mitt romney this election and he was in michigan at a fundraiser. and he's disappointed in president obama and supports paul ryan as well. and said the entertainment industry should entertain and not preach, and that everyone should vote. >> it difficult to put myself
3:37 am
in the position knowing that i may alienate a few fans. but you know what, i really believe strongly that it is okay to disagree on politics and the direction of our country wait hating one another. [applause] i mean, it is no secret that i am embedded in a industry that leanns very left. >> steve: do you think so? kid rock was intring paul roin in rochester in oakland university and made this admission, his heart feels bad about something. >> i also want to be real clear i am proud to say that we have elected our first black president. i all right. i am sorry he didn't do a better job.
3:38 am
i reallyy -- i really wish he would of. i do. but the facts are the facts and we just saw them come to light in the last debate. with no outside bs and no bias media involve inters and negative political ads and most important no dam teleprompters. [applause] >> i enjoyied it so much. i think i might throw a keg party for the ryan-biden debate. >> brian: he doesn't need teleprompters. but steve does. >> steve: we are wheeling the camera over. >> brian: you have nothing to say. >> steve: i have plenty to say. take a look radar and satellite and we have smashed them today and we have rain moving throughh portions of the this area right there. i was going to dash out and come back n you know what,
3:39 am
right now, they are starting the big tour in new york city. our buddies who are with us in the summer love and -- eric and steven barker. good to have you perform on our show. >> oh, no. >> steve: you did a good jobb. if you missed this segment, interestingly enough. not only recently had the first number one hit. congratulations. >> thank you. >> steve: they are both the sons of preachher and your moms were born on the same day. >> same year. >> steve: congratulations. >> thank you. >> steve: since you are traveling all over the map help us out with the weather. >> there say nice storm system moving in the upper midwest. memphis, nothing going on there. >> been there and got foodifiesoning. >> they have good barbecuing.
3:40 am
>> fish all day. >> wonderful storm system moving up here. >> wonderful, wonderful storm? >> oh, yeah, it is great. >> and it is a great 52 degrees in the great city of new york today. >> steve: thyself are current temperatures, fell a. >> ralyy upset florida state seminoles this week. >> they are one of the best football teams >> chris: finally there is today's daytime highs. >> oh, wow. >> whopping 58 in new york. >> mosita 63. >> and guys thank you for dropping by. >> steve: if you would like more information about their tour go to their website on "fox and friends". >> greatt job guys. >> brian: we'll tell you what happened. houston texans remain undefeated and hung on to beat the jets. first time in the franchise history.
3:41 am
they are 5-zer undefeated. jets playied better. and tebow played well, too. look at who is in the tebow taking the fake punt. and he had a great pass that was dropped by a receiver that was dropped out of the high school. football great just days to life because of kidney condition. terase is one of the thousands of former players suing the league over concussion. he played with the lions for years . star in webster and blazing satellites and made great appearances on i dream of geney. >> i worked for the monday night football and he was a nice guy. >> brian: he is a good guy. orioles in baseball. two-nothing hold against the
3:42 am
yankees at home. they take a lead in game two, and that would do it bottom of the ninth and make it a chance to be a hero . baltimore ties the series and for the first time ever yankees mayed three straightt games at home. the cardinal national series is all evened up. and at home by a final score of 12-four and karlos beltran and going deep twice and had four homers over all . that's what is happening in baseball and monday night football . more coming your way laterr. >> gretchen: a deadly menigitus outbreak. 13,000 americans could be at risk. the doctor seagull here next with what you need to know. >> steve: you thought swim gators was nuts, right. what about your kids swimming with tig arings. >> brian: i say no to both.
3:43 am
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>> steve: a former high school athlete shot in 2003 is holding the gun maker responsible. the judge gave daniel williams the green light to sue high point and the distributor mks supply for knowingly supplying handgu to irresponsible dealers. first, it was swimming with gators and now a private zoo in dade city, florida is making waves for letting kids
3:47 am
wim with tigers. this is a six week old siberian cub. you can swim and sign a general release form which said you will not sue them if you get hurt. since it is a tiger you could . back to you. new developments in the menigitus outbreak. a nashville hospital announced the death of another patient. >> brian: joining us is dr. seagull and part of our medical a-tome. doctor, where is this coming from, all from massachusetts? >> it is all from one pharmacy. the new england compounding center in massachusetts and so far 13,000 possible exposures. we have only seen 105 cases and eight deaths so far. people need to understand what
3:48 am
this is . knowledge conquers fear and a lot of people are worried and patients of mine are saying can i get it. knowledge conquers fear. what is menigitus. it is an infection in the lining of the brain. it is not contagious. you can't get this unless you had a shot t came from this particular pharmacy. what is this yit jit it is a fungal. there was a fungal aperjill us on that is in the air and soil and doesn't get us sick. because it was not sterilized in this particular pharmacy it got into the steroid injection they were giving and ended up sent around it several of the states it is a contaminant. if you sterilize properly you will not get the fda does not have jurisdiction over men pharmacies. the manufacturer makes the
3:49 am
products. which is a steroid. the middle man takes the steroid and tries to do it cheaplyy and save money . 7500, of these pharmacis and many of them are very safe. some of them are not. >> gretchen: they shut down everything released from the pharmacy. will they automatically get jitt jit? >> brian: no. no. the vast majority will not. and the fact is. if you track it and you knew you got an injection from this pharmacy . you three or four weeks go by you will not get sick . only look out if you got something from the pharmacy. if you got a shot look out for a change in behavior and fatigue and malaise and headache and fev yer stiff neck and nausea and vommiting. it is a infection that may be
3:50 am
mind. if it is caught early. you are going to be okay. the very youngg and old and people with chronic illness should be on the look out. >> what about a contagious. the husband was told to watch out because his wife died. >> no, it came in throughh the shot it is not contagious it is a weak fungus it is not traveling that way it is only traveling in the shot. fear of this is contagious . people over personalize and watching this progress. - program, we'll get calls. saying can i get it? you will not get it unless you had a shot. >> brian: a school letting teens register to vote. >> gretchen: back in law school. the president approved
3:51 am
rejicting this. judge napolitano will bring us the story. ♪ i love this time of year. it's all about change. the kids are going back to school, it's the perfect time to get back to you. a perfect time to join weight watchers and start losing weight and feeling good right now. join for free. weight watchers. because it works.
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>> >> steve: there is a troubling report that president obama may have supported the idea of restricting free speech . >> gretchen: does the president back the first amendment in full? fox news senior analyst judge napolitano. that was your assignment. >> it was my assignment to look into it. i can tell you as a former law student people say whacky things in law school just to test the idea. he was editor in chief of the harvard law review.
3:55 am
it is a prestigious position a student can have and sitting on a panel with a future now judge steve breyer. this is 20 yearrs ago . the topic of campus speech codes are hotly debated. the president supported them. this supports the idea of authority restricting speech to preventt the listener from being ooh fended. >> steve: look at this quote. i don't see a lot of conservatives getting upset if minorities feel silenced. >> this effort in the harvard law school and never adopt then student barack obama was in favor. >> to prestrict offensive speech. >> it is deemed offensive to
3:56 am
certain groups n that case minorities and racials ethnic and gender and sexual orienitation . >> you would think that he would be for free speech for everybody. >> this is the same president signed legislation that permits secret service to free speech. if you have a sign that said reelect obama . they leave you alone. but you have a sign that said elect mitt romney they can restrict it. because of the content. that is the problem with his thinking. this was 20 years ago and it is consist ept with today. >> gretchen: thank you for breaking it down. >> so much to watch for . >> gretchen: no doubt. 28 days before the election as well president obama touted it as proof manufacturing jobs
3:57 am
are back in the united states. but two years later workers are going on furlough. >> steve: and a great list of guests. congressman jason chaffetz and senator mccain and astronaut mark kelly and cheryl casoney and laurra ingraham. we'll be right back. email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox.
3:58 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, october 9. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us today. is it a romney revival? once down, now four points ahead from the extremely likely to vote. what does it all mean now? we're getting charles krauthammer's analysis. >> brian: talk about an awkward interview, paul ryan catch has reporter trying to connect apples and oranges. yeah, and decides to make a little fruit salad with him. >> steve: suddenly i'm hungry the. then a school in florida letting a pro-obama group let a team in
4:01 am
to vote. but romney team not allowed in. does that sound fair to you. hour two of "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: for so many people, including brian, today is a tuesday that feels like a monday. a lot of people had yesterday off because it was a federal, state and local holiday. >> brian: right. column burks the great explorer, came here against all odds, very little money, three boats and little money. yesterday was perfect day to give him a parade. >> steve: for the follow-up, we had a big parade yesterday. today we're making pizza in front of the building. >> gretchen: in honor of columbus? >> steve: no, it just so happens they're bringing out the original recipe for many, many years and man, does it smell good. walk by 48th and 6th avenue, you'll get free pizza.
4:02 am
>> brian: i'm not trying up you. we're going to teach you how to get your kids eat. >> gretchen: instead of something that's high in calories and maybe salt, something that's a little healthier, but tastes just as good. that's the key with kids. let's get to your headlines. we're one day away from a house oversight committee hearing on the terrorist attack on the gainsy, libya, consulate. colonel andy wood, the former head of a special forces security team, will testify. he's already said the state department ignored pleas for extra security at the u.s. consulate. and more evidence is more thanking, the obama administration knew within one day it was likely terrorism. fox news learning patrick f. kennedy, a top aide to secretary of state hillary clinton, gave a briefing to congressional aides calling it a sophisticated and complex attack. overnight, north korea warning the united states, you are within range of our missiles. this in response to a deal south korea made with america.
4:03 am
it allows south korea to nearly triple the range of its missiles. north korea says it's prepared to counter any threat. new developments in the case of that murdered american jet skier. mexican marines arrested this man, salvador martinez, escovedo, alleged drug cartel leader, believed to be responsible for the death of david hartley. he was killed in 2010 while jet skiing with his wife on falcon lake. she says the arrest raises even more questions about his death. >> i don't believe that he pulled the trigger. i believe it's probably he either said yes, go ahead, or he had something to do with the guys who are behind it. >> gretchen: it's believed he killed 50 people with his own hands and ordered hundreds more dead. well, what had paul ryan tearing up?
4:04 am
>> for the united states of america. >> gretchen: 13 charter school students in detroit reenacted the debate over forming the u.s. constitution. >> that's really special. what you're doing is you're learning and showing those people that made us great. >> gretchen: ryan also reminded the students about all of our brave heros who fought and died to keep those principles intact. those are your headlines. >> steve: all right. let's talk politics. the pugh research people have come out with a new poll of likely voters and it is very good news for mitt romney. take a look at this. these are among likely voters. mitt romney now leads the president of the united states 49 to 45. when you start to look at some of the details, what's
4:05 am
interesting is we were told that women were barak obama's fire wall and, in fact, in the last poll, i believe he was up, barak obama was, 18 points with women. in this new pugh poll, barak obama and mitt romney are now tied 47 apiece with women. >> gretchen: the also really important thing in this poll, it's extensive and long with many questions. but with this question, who did the better job in the debate? who are you trying to attract? the independents. 72% of them said mitt romney did better. only 14% of the independents polled said president obama did better. >> brian: charles krauthammer weighed in on the polling. many people are critical of the polling last week. if you're critical last week, you can't embrace them this week. here is charles cars. >> it's very felling, the pugh poll has romney head slightly beyond the margin of error. we were talking about the ones who are ex steamily likely to
4:06 am
vote. romney among all the voters are extremely likely to vote, is up by 6 and three weeks ago he was down by 3. that's a nine-point swing among people who surely will be out there on election day. so i think right now the race is tied with romney still, i think, having some of the momentum from the debate and i think the rest of this story will be determined by the remaining debates. >> brian: i think what's interesting is that not only did he move ahead in most of the polls, and almost everybody, including president obama agrees that he lost debate. president obama has done after and all his people calling him a liar is unprecedented. >> steve: that's desperate. >> brian: it's not with a reagan did after he lost or george bush. i went back and asked the brain room what were some of the quotes. they were like we lost, but he's a better debater. not you're a liar and performer. having said that, there is a change in tone. personal stories.
4:07 am
the foreign policy speech. coming to the middle on certain issues. they say the reason for the change in mitt romney is all because of the romney family. the romney family is taking back this campaign from people like stewart stevens and they're starting to let him win or lose by being himself. >> gretchen: it shows how important the debates are. so many people before hand said that the debates wouldn't matter. the debates luckily 67 million people watch that had debate to become educated on who they want to choose. and i think the debates do matter. whether or not the momentum stays through, the next one is a town haloform at, then the third -- hall, then the third one is -- it will be interesting to see out polls stay over time. if you look at one point in time, usual usually you can't say how this will be wednesday night. >> steve: brian, to your point
4:08 am
about how the post game show with the obama team has been to call mitt romney a liar, it just goes to show you how desperate they are. there was a "new york times" story yesterday that said that ten minutes before the debate was up, they had a conference call. they figured out okay, we'll start calling him a liar. what's interesting is, though, why didn't the president of the united states on the stage go ahead and call mitt romney out live on television? mitt romney saw some instances where the president was distorting his image and his ideas regarding the $5 trillion worth of tax cuts and mr. romney said mr. president, that's simply not the case. barak obama didn't say anything. i was talking to somebody who yesterday said i would like to have a president who can think on his feet. the president didn't do it last time. let's see if he can next week at the town hall. >> brian: my whole thing is taking blame. hey, i had a battened. not that the other guy lied. i asked the guy, what happened after bush lost to john kerry. karl rove said he is arguably
4:09 am
the better of the two. you know what was said about ronald reagan after he lost? he said that mondale failed to land his knockout. not mondale is a liar and a horrible person. >> steve: they took the high road. >> gretchen: it's interesting because the president did say that he made a gaffe, that he wasn't his best performance, but put his other surrogates out there to call mitt romney as liar and he alluded to that himself on the stump. did that stick or did that further irritate voters who hadn't made up their mind yet? that's the big question in some these polls. was it solely the debate performance of mitt romney or was it the reaction as well by the obama camp that turned off voters as we're look? >> steve: the next debate is coming up on thursday. >> brian: i think it's going to be huge. >> steve: i do, too. because it will be the ohm time we'll get to see paul ryan and joe biden. joe biden being sequestered. he's out of commission for six days. meanwhile, paul ryan taking on
4:10 am
reporters. here is an exchange with a local guy in detroit from the abc affiliate in flint. >> have a gun problem. this country has a crime problem. not a gun problem. no, i mean, if you look at the gun laws we have, i don't even think president obama is proposing more gun laws. we have good strong gun laws. we have to make sure -- we have to make sure we enforce our laws. we have lots of laws that aren't being properlien forced. we have to make sure we enforce these laws. but the best thing to prevent violent crime in the inner city is bring opportunity to inner city. >> gretchen: that's all the interview because that station not supplying the video of what happened. at that point, the reporter continued to try to link that discussion about gun violence to tax cuts. so here was the question from the reporter and you can do all that by cutting taxes with a big tax cut. and paul ryan says, those are your words, not mine. and then he takes the mike off
4:11 am
and says that was kind of strange, you're trying to stuff words in people's mouths and the reporter says, i don't know if it's strange. ryan says, it sounds like you're trying to put answers to questions. is there a link to what paul ryan was saying about the fact that there are laws on the books already, gun laws and by the way, what he pointed out, president obama has not talked about changing any of those gun laws as well, and is there a link between those gun laws and bringing opportunity to the inner city and tax cuts? >> steve: the local reporter was over his allotted time and he was trying to get a got, which ha moment and paul ryan wasn't going to take it. it was said eventually you'll see a local reporter embarrass himself. >> brian: right. something else that's good, paul vine doing interviews and speeches. i guess there is a lot of pressure on joe biden. everyone says it doesn't matter, like they told us it didn't matter last week. the only way to stop the momentum and the punishing polls that are coming the president's
4:12 am
way is to go ahead and answer for the president what the president didn't do last week. the vice president has got to come out and go after paul ryan as if he's mitt romney. he's got to be able to answer these questions. the problem is you have probably one of the strongest debaters on the republican party and almost everyone agrees. even people like bowles and senator simpson have come out and said this guy is unbelievable. you're going to ask joined, who had a -- joe biden, who has had a bad a month as any, to be decks truss on his feet. >> steve: remember with sarah palin, he was affable. >> brian: because it was sarah palin. he's going to be blue collar joe biden. >> steve: joe beer can. >> brian: not the gentle one. >> gretchen: it is a fine line between being overly aggressive which is the role of the vice president, usually, to do the dirty work for the president,
4:13 am
and remaining folksy. people like that about him of i agree, this will be a test to see which joe biden comes out. >> brian: dick cheney took on a younger guy in john edwards, fine politician. and he was very direct and basically beat him up for two hours. >> steve: e-mail us your advice for both those guys. meanwhile a new national security blunder haunting the white house. it turned down extra security fort americans who got murdered in libya. is that true in two men leading the search for answers. both here live this hour. >> gretchen: a host faints on live tv. that's not even the most shocking part about this story. the other guy just keeps going to sell the products. you got to see this. i watched this on-line yesterday. i felt bad for her. >> brian: at least he catches her. mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona.
4:14 am
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>> brian: it's the ever chipping story. what really happened before during, and after the attacks dense our consulate in benefit goodsy. members of the house will hold a hearing tomorrow to try and get the real story. joining us now republican congressman jason chaffetz, just returned from libya. senator bob corker is going there. congressman, you were there last week. since that time, we have a colonel come forward and said, i begged for more security and was told you're not getting it from the state department. we also have an under secretary saying within 24 hours to staffers that we knew this was a terrorist attack. how does that gel with what you knee? >> having gone and spent most of the day there on saturday in tripoli at the embassy, i can tell you a, never did it ever come up that there was even a video. no discussion, no mention, anything about the video which
4:18 am
is totally inconsistentents of what this obama administration has said. what i do think we will see at the hearing tomorrow is a denial when they requested the security personnel requested more personnel. not only was that denied, but they reduced the number of people that we had on the ground and when they asked for improvements to the physical facilities to protect the infrastructure, to protect the perimeter, those were denied. >> brian: who denied them? would the state department do that on their own without informing the executive branch? >> it seems to be a coordinated effort between the white house and the state department from secretary clinton to the white house. there was a conscious decision made, i believe, my personal opinion, is that they wanted the appearance of quote, unquote, normalization there in libya and building up of an infrastructure, putting up barbed wire on our facility would lead to the wrong impression, something that the administration didn't want to have moving forward. >> brian: when you say there was a coordination between the state department and the white house, that is just your opinion, you have no proof of that?
4:19 am
>> i can't tell you everything that i've seen along the way, but yeah. that's my strong opinion. i've been diving into this. i've talked to the people who are going to testify. i've been on the ground in libya. that's my impression. >> brian: do you believe that the white house is going to leave the state department out to dry, or do they deserve to be left out to dry? >> look, people -- you got to understand that it was a very tumultous situation. twice in the lead up to the attack on 9-11, the compound was bombed. twice the british ambassador had an assassination attempt. we were moving into 9-11 and the white house was saying we had no direct information. are you kidding me? where else in the world was there consulate bombed twice and now we got four dead americans? between the white house and the state department, a, they need to get their act together, clean up the statements they made, fix these problems so they unfortunate, ever happen again. >> brian: last question, ambassador rice making those now
4:20 am
seeming ridiculous statements. why would she do something like that that could essentially destroy her career? >> i look at that and my own personal opinion, that's somewhere between an outrageous lie and total falsehood. i don't know where, between those two, but that's essentially the -- how i would categorize it. >> brian: all right. congressman, look forward to what bob corker says tomorrow. thanks so much. >> brian: the president wants to you believe the rich are not paying their fair share. our next guest did the math and wait 'til you see what he uncovered. then, the president said it was proof manufacturing jobs are coming back to the u.s. one problem? the hybrid battery plant is putting workers on furlough hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does!
4:21 am
wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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4:24 am
>> brian: news by the numbers. $150 million. that's how much of your tax dollars a michigan plant got to make batteries fort chevy volt. but demand is so low, the plant is furloughing workers before they've even made a single battery. president obama also visited the plant in 2010, touting them as an example of manufacturing jobs making a comeback. wow. next, one dollar. that's how much the price of apple is rising per pound. wild weather this spring gave us the smallest apple crop since 1986. and finally, two. that's how much quick we understandy's can serve up an order, making it the fastest food chain in america. it beat taco bell seconds. i rather you take your time and get it right. no one is that hungry. i'm done. >> gretchen: thank you. who is really paying their fair share? how many times have you heard that? when it comes to taxes in
4:25 am
america. >> steve: turns out the current system and the one that president obama is proposing aren't fair at all. joining us now is economic editorial writer for the "wall street journal" and author of a new book, comes out today "who is the fairest of them all, the truth about opportunity, taxes and wealth in america." steven moore. congratulations. >> thank you. >> steve: that really is the f word in this campaign, fairness. >> it really is. that's the reason i wrote the book is that it's pretty clear the theme of this whole campaign is how do we create the fairest society? i guess to cut to the chase, the answer to that question is that the fairest system is the free enterprise system. it's the system that creates the most opportunity for more. the reason we've become the richest nation in the world is because we do believe in free enterprise and a pro-business environment. and i think that's something the president doesn't really understand. if you want -- one of the points i make, if you want fairness, everyone with the same income level, go to cambodia. we want a rich and growing
4:26 am
society and the way to do that is by promoting free enterprise. >> gretchen: but the interesting thing is that on its face, those two words, fair share, have really resonated. >> they have. >> gretchen: with some of the american voters. when you break it down and you get into the details, you find this out. for example, you say the rich already are paying their fair share if we look at the latest graphic. you show the poor, the percentage of all federal taxes paid is a negative number. explain this graphic. >> yeah. this is an amazing thing. there is such a divide between the amount of taxes the wealthy really do pay and people's perception. for the last 20 years, we've been inundated with this information in the media. the rich don't pay their fair share. warren buffet saying he pays a higher tax rate than his secretary. we looked at the real data. we found that, in fact, that's not true; that the bulk of the federal income tax is paid by rich people. in fact, if you're in the top 20%, you pay 90% of the taxes in this country. the problem with increasing the tax rates on the very rich, the top 1 or 2% as the president
4:27 am
wants to do is one of the things we found is guess what those people do in the top 1 and 2%? they own, operate and invest in small businesses. i always ask my little friends, how are you going to get more jobs if you're going to tax the people that create them? i never heard a good answer to that. >> steve: during the debate, mitt romney was talking about what he would do with taxes. he said he'd bring everybody's taxes down, but then get rid of loopholes so the people at the top -- >> i love that idea. >> steve: it seems like a great idea. but he says, i would keep the progressiveness or progressivity. the people who are most successful would proportionately pay more. >> i'm more radical than mitt romney. i like the old steve forbes. i think we should go to a flat tax. everybody should pay the same rate. if you make ten times more money than i do, you pay ten times more tax. not 100 times.
4:28 am
the evidence shows if you want to create growth and opportunity, a lot of politicians in washington want a tax system that makes the rich poor. we want a tax system that makes the poor rich and provides opportunity for everyone. that's -- did that's what the book is. the good news is, no matter what people say about the american dream being dead, it is not dead. we show in this book the evidence that this is still a society where anyone can get ahead. >> gretchen: good to know. steven moore, optimistic approach. good luck with the book. >> thanks. >> gretchen: coming up next, you just heard from congressman jason chaffetz on the white house turned down extra security for the americans who were murdered in libya. up next, senator john mccain is going to weigh in. >> steve: and oh, boy. a host faints on live tv. that's the most shocking part. wait until you see what the guy standing next to her did. ♪
4:29 am
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>> steve: now it's time for our shot of the morning. look at that. it's a pizza truck in downtown new york city. it's what they're doing is going back to the future. look inside this wood burning oven. can you believe this? 48th and 6th avenue. we're making pizza.
4:33 am
with me now is jim greco, the ceo of sbarro pizza. what are you guys doing? >> we're introducing a traditional neapolitan, much improved product from what we've been offering. >> steve: it's the kind grandma used to make. >> it's exactly the kind. >> steve: they got started in 1956 in brooklyn, new york, and now you've got locations all over the place. i understand that you've got a special promotion that if people go on facebook and do something a lot of people will eat for free. >> friend us on facebook, you'll get a coupon or print a coupon, bring it in to the local sbarro and get a free slice. >> steve: could you make some pizza for the crew today? >> well, we've been making pizza for the crew. they seem to all like it. >> steve: what? chris, have you been having pizza? >> absolutely. >> steve: that's good to know. thank you very much, jim, from sbarro. it smells delicious. mama mia, that's a pizza. brian, back to you.
4:34 am
>> gretchen: there is a big piece that got into the studio as well. we're smelling it. >> brian: they only left us one piece. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. headlines. >> gretchen: last night, another person has passed away from the meningitis scare. this time in tennessee. it brings the total number of deaths from the outbreak to nine. there are now 105 cases in nine states, but the cdc says as many as 13,000 people may have been exposed to the disease. dr. mark siegle from our medical a team joined us earlier and said only people who received a tainted shot are at risk. >> if you tracked it and you knew you got an injection that came from the pharmacy f a few weeks go by maximum of three to four weeks and you haven't gotten sick, you're not going to get this. >> gretchen: symptoms include headache, fever, nausea, stiff neck. the massachusetts pharmacy which made the shots used to treat back pain have recalled all of their products now. >> brian: israel making a major military move to counter
4:35 am
hezbollah drone. israeli jets scramble to do intercept an unmanned drone. they blew it up. this is from the israeli defense force and shows the drone in israeli air space. they shot it down over the desert. bottom line, message sent. it's reported israel deployed missiles as they investigate who was behind the drone. >> gretchen: florida republicans outraged after a school district letting pro-obama group hold drives to register students to vote. this while they denied the romney campaign similar opportunities, a spokesperson for the school saying this: they did register students to vote. there was discussion of having a republican come in for equal access. we're not going in that direction because that would indeed be an additional violation of board policy. volunteers tried to infiltrate at least three other schools, but campus officials stopped them. a form teacher was allowed to deliver obama speeches to six classrooms of high school students. >> brian: finally, even in the
4:36 am
world of home shopping television, the show must go on. >> everything on -- but you know know -- >> you okay? okay. what it does -- >> brian: the guest host fainted, even as the am cameras cut away, her co-host kept selling. her blood sugar was low. this is the second time she fainted on qvc. would you guys continue with the show should i faint on the couch? >> steve: no. >> brian: even if john mccain was waiting in the wings. >> gretchen: absolutely not. we'd go right to john mccain gossibs he's going to make news. >> brian: information that the obama administration ignored requests for adequate security in libya prior to the murder of the ambassador and his team. senator john mccain leading the charge for answers. senator, welcome. >> thanks, gang. good to be back with you.
4:37 am
>> gretchen: what do you make of the information that's coming out now? we've had senator corker and congressman chaffetz who have gone to libya to see firsthand. they say they didn't hear anything about a videotape being the reason and there is also a lot of questions about whether or not now there may have been a cover-up and certainly not enough security there. where do you fall on this? >> i think that one of the things that's most alarm being this whole situation is that it was clearly an orchestrated al-qaeda affiliated terrorist attack. you would have known immediately that it was a quote, terrorist attack when you use mortars and rocket propelled grenades and a very sophisticated attack and yet, five days after that attack, they sent out our u.n. ambassador on all the major news shows, including fox news sunday, and said that this was a spontaneous demonstration triggered by a hateful video. no one, no one, no one in
4:38 am
position of responsibility should have allowed that message to be sent. i think we ought to be finding out who is it, who is that told ambassador rice to say something which was absolutely false to the american people and why. so obviously there is other aspects of this, but that alone is really -- if you're not going to go on national television and not tell the american people the truth, then that is a degree of politization of national security, which is not acceptable. >> steve: senator, the state department made it clear that within a day, they were telling people that it was a terrorist attack. it sounds like, because you said politization, it makes it sound like some of the people behind the campaign were pushing, okay -- this is a tricky time for us. maybe we should be saying this. is that what you're saying?
4:39 am
>> i don't know. i don't understand how it would be possible so many days later to go out and say something which was patently false within 24 hours. you don't have spontaneous demonstrations with mortars and rocket propelled grenades affiliated with al-qaeda. and so this is part of this overall effort by the president of the united states who is saying the tides of wars are receding. the fact is, the only thing that's receding in the middle east is american leadership. that's all. whether it be iraq deteriorating, al-qaeda coming back, whether it be afghanistan continuously overruling the recommendations of its military leaders, whether it be a continuous stalemate on israeli-palestinian, whether it be the iranians continuing on their path despite their economic difficulties towards nuclear weapons, and, of course, the situation in syria where people continue to be massacred by the thousands, this whole
4:40 am
feckless foreign policy is something the american people may consider. by the way, there is a military time, that's the newspaper for our military, took a poll and the men and women in the military, the poll they took, by two it one, are voting for mitt romney. i think those people understand national security better than most. >> brian: 66 to 26%. mitt romney gave a major speech yesterday at vmi. he essentially said the president's dropped the ball on libya, iran and israel and went into detail. you know foreign policy like few others in this country. what did you think of the governor's speech? >> i thought it was excellent. i'll tell what you i also thought it was. i thought it was reaganesque. a lot of people, when reagan came to office, was well, he's a cowboy. he was only governor of california. ronald reagan had the right instincts. mitt romney has the right instincts about american leadership. that does not mean he goes and tries to find wars to fight.
4:41 am
but it does -- he does understand in sharp contrast to barak obama the role of america and leading from in front. as he said in his speech, if america doesn't lead, who does lead? and of course, barak obama has said time and time again that we lead from behind. and you look across the middle east and there is example after example of that. >> gretchen: it's an interesting time. 28 days until the election. who would have hunk last week we would be looking at the polls we're looking at this week with two more debates to go. >> i think gretchen, an appropriate response to that is a big bird ad. what? what is that all about? i mean, you know. and by the way, on a serious note, this business of just going out and calling a candidate for the president of the united states a liar, just say liar, liar, you know, that, in my view, and i've watched a
4:42 am
lot of campaigns, as you know, back to teddy roosevelt, in that this is a new low. this is a really new low. response to a legitimate candidate's views on issues is just to call that candidate a liar? what is that all about? it means that they're out of ideas, altitude and air space. >> brian: ronald reagan didn't do that as we researched, neither did george bush when they lost their debates. thanks so much for coming in and talking to us today. >> thanks for having me on. >> steve: straight ahead, looking for a new job? cheryl casone here with the top five companies hiring today. get out a pencil and a paper. >> gretchen: remember when you dream to be an astronaut when you learned all about the space program in school, astronaut mark kelly remembers and he's doing something really cool to keep that all going. [ male announcer ] when these come together,
4:43 am
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4:46 am
>> gretchen: unemployment rate up exceptedly dropped it 7-point #, the lowest since president obama took office. >> brian: the administration is not reporting the millions who have given up looking for work. hopefully we can change that for you. cheryl casone is here to help. did you let us down this week? >> don't give up! i have five companies this week. that's the message. don't give up. big name companies are hiring. i think this is a good sign for a couple of reasons. first, microsoft. they're hiring, telling us going to be the strongest in years. microsoft is having a big resurgence right now. they have the operating system. it's coming into its own. apple was eating their lunch for years. now they're coming back. they've got 500 jobs open. software developers, program managers, engineers and they need salespeople and legal people. so a raping there. raised $100 million for charity last year.
4:47 am
they're a good name. >> gretchen: pit knee bows -- pitney bows. >> this is getting the mail to and from. they've got a million customers. hundreds of jobs open. if you're full time, they give tuition assistance, 401(k) plan and a very high unemployee wellness. physical health. >> brian: why the post office is getting hammered from places like that. >> jpmorgan chase. 7,000 jobs opening now. they are really hiring guys in ohio. take a look at this, because they've got 7,000 jobs globally. 6,000 in the u.s. almost 1,000 of those in ohio. they have that big bank one merger and so they've been really trying to expand in the columbus area, capital of ohio. they're really looking to expand there. i wanted to highlight that. >> gretchen: home helpers. >> you and i talked about this. the theme with in home care. people don't want to leave their homes, whether they're disabled or on bed rest f you're pregnant, whether you're elderly, you want to be in your home. >> brian: or it's raining.
4:48 am
>> yeah, i know. 1800 jobs open. they're going to be hiring 1800 people by the end of 2012. nine dollars an hour, $50,000 a year. you don't need medical train to go get into this. >> brian: what is emc corporation and what are they looking for? >> this is data storage. everything is about our mobile phones, our laptops, ipads. all that data needs to be on the cloud. that's new trend. they're looking for data scientists. they need engineers, salespeople, professional services. they're especially expanding in utah and the chicago areas. again, this is a lot of technical jobs. some sales positions are available. and it's hundreds of jobs by the end of the year. >> gretchen: fantastic. we got through all five. to find out where they are, live on to casone >> brian: if you shear on the street, yell out. >> i'll be answering questions next week.
4:49 am
>> brian: okay, fine. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. remember when you were a little kid and dreamed of being an astronaut? well, want to learn all about the space program? there is a new way to do it by a guy that went to space and came back to talk about it. astronaut mark kelly remembers what that was like and he wants to share that passion with you. he's got a brand-new book out, you will love it. >> gretchen: it's all for kids. but first on this day in history in 1986, "when i think of you" by janet jackson was the number one song. >> brian: still number one with me [ male announcer ] inside the v8 taste lab. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. there's a pop. wahlalalalallala! pepper, but not pepper, i'm getting like, pep-pepper. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink,
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4:52 am
>> steve: our next guest knows a little something about determination. not only has he ventured far off
4:53 am
into space as an american astronaut, he's also the loving husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords who is making a, quote, lightning speed recovery from her gunshot injury to her head. now mark kelly wants to teach kids about determination. he's our guest this morning. he's got a brand-new book out called "mousetronaut." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: you say based on a partially true story because in 2001 when you were taken off on your first space shuttle ride, you had some hitchhikers. >> we had 18 mice and 17 of those mice seemed to be somewhat not happy with the experience. clung on the inside of the cage. one of them, interestingly, would fly back and forth and go get his water and food and seem to enjoy the experience. >> steve: i've heard of snakes on a plane, but mice on a shuttle, what were they there for? >> for experiments. we have a long history of flying animals into space. i think there is some insects on the space station right now that are intended to be there. so we use them for research.
4:54 am
>> steve: the little mouse who was flying around the place in your book, you refer to him as meteor. >> yes. >> steve: at one point, the mission was in peril because a key has fallen down into a precarious play where human hands can't get. >> that's right. so then meteor comes to the rescue 'cause he's small and he's a little bit of ingenuity on his part. he figures he'd like to help out the crew on board. >> steve: in the end, here t does he wind up getting the key. why does the space shuttle have keys? >> it actually doesn't. >> steve: okay. >> originally i had a plan for a fuel cell and electrical problem of the but this book is intended for little kids. >> steve: it is. >> it's something they can relate to. >> steve: because you want to teach little kids what? >> well, it's important that they have interesting material that they can read. we have a pretty big crisis in education in this country. by a lot of standards, we are at the -- not even in the top 50 in certain measures. so it's great for kids to have
4:55 am
something they're interested in. >> steve: when i was the age of the kid you intend this book for action we had a lot of stories about going into space. unfortunately these days, americans can't go off into space unless they're part of the international space station. >> yes. and only if they fly on a russian soyeuz, which is not an ideal situation. >> steve: let's see what happened. >> it was planned ahead of time we would be in this situation, so hopefully in the next four or five years with companies like space x, for instance, we can get back flying people into space. >> steve: let's hope so. how is your wife? >> she's doing very well. we just moved back to our hometown of tucson, arizona. she's very excited about that. i think it's really helping with her recovery as well. >> steve: i was at the dnc in the arena the night that she came out and did the pledge of allegiance. it was so wonderful to see her out there. >> yeah. she really enjoyed it. i think the people in the audience got a lot out of that. but i think more than anybody else, she got the most out of it. it was really exciting for her to be there. >> steve: it was fantastic.
4:56 am
win her the best from all of us. >> thank you very much. >> steve: if you got kids who you want to motivate and talk about space, check out the new book available everywhere. commander mark kelly, thank you very much. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> steve: four minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, looks like that lion is about to pounce, right? things aren't always how they seem. the surprising ending coming up at the top of the hour. then you know her from clueless. now actress stacy dash is fighting off racial attacks all because she supports mitt romney? what happened to tolerance? laura ingraham when we return. "fox & friends," hour 3, starts in a couple of minutes [ female announcer ] the best things in life are the real things. nature valley trail mix bars are made with real ingredients you can see. like whole roaed nuts, chewy granola, and real fruit.
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only your doctor can determine if your persistent heartburn is actually something more serious like acid reflux disease. over time, stomach ac can damage the lining of your esophagus. for many, prescription nexium not only provides 24-hour heartburn relief, but can also help heal acid-related erosions in the lining of your esophagus. talk to your doctor about the risk for osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels with long-term use of nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. let your doctor do his job. and you do yours. ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, october 9. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your
5:00 am
payday with us. let me tell you what's happening. less than one month to go and we have a new front runner in the presidential race. mitt romney now four points ahead among the best kind of voters, those likely to vote. laura ingraham here moments away. >> steve: a new national security blunder haunting the white house. white house turned down a request for extra security in libya for the americans who got murdered apparently. we are live at the white house this hour with the very latest. >> brian: you know her from "clueless." actress stacy dash is fighting off racial attacks because she tweeted support for mitt romney. what happened to tolerance and civility? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you're gonna have a great tuesday. the whole gang is back today. welcome back, brian to you. >> steve: did you have a nice day off? >> brian: yes, i did. >> steve: what did you do?
5:01 am
>> brian: i spent it with my italian side of the family. i told my irish to stay away. we're going to celebrate the great explorer. i'm talking about columbus. >> steve: congratulations. >> brian: special thanks to columbus because i'm loving it here in america. >> gretchen: okay. let's get right to your headlines this morning because we're just one day now from a house oversight committee hearing on the terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. colonel andy wood, the former head of a special forces security team, will testify. he's already said the state department ignored pleas for extra security at the u.s. consulate. more evidence emerging that the obama administration knew within one day the attack was likely terrorism. fox news learning patrick f. kennedy, a top aide to secretary of state hillary clinton, gave a briefing to congressional aides calling it a sophisticated and complex attack. earlier on "fox & friends," senator john mccain said he's outraged the administration could have ever said that it was just a sudden attack.
5:02 am
>> i don't understand how it would be possible so many days later to go out and say something which was patently false within 24 hours. you don't have spontaneous demonstrations with mortars and rocket propelled grenades affiliated with al-qaeda. >> gretchen: we will have a live report from the white house in the next half hour. brand-new developments in a case of a murdered american jet skier. mexican marines arrested salvador martinez escovedo, believed responsible for the death of david hartley. he was killed in 2010 while jet skiing with his wife on falcon lake. she says the arrest raises even more questions now about his death. >> i don't believe that he pulled the trigger. i believe it's probably he either said yes, go ahead, or he had something to do with the guys who were behind it. >> gretchen: it's believed he
5:03 am
killed 50 people with his own hands and ordered hundreds more dead. another person killed by a rare meningitis outbreak as concerns grow thousands of people may have been exposed to the rare strain of the disease. last night's victim in tennessee. this brings the death toll to nine. there are 105 cases across nine case. the cdc says up to 13,000 people may have been ex pokessed to the tainted -- exposed to the tainted. so dr. mark siegle joined us earlier. >> if you tracked it and you knew that you got an injection that came from this pharmacy, if a few weeks go by maximum of three or four weeks and you haven't gotten sick, you're not going to get this. >> gretchen: symptoms include headache, fever, nausea, stiff neck. the massachusetts pharmacy which made the shots used to treat back pain recalled all of their products. things aren't looking good for this baby antelope. check this out. a lion has its sights set on the calf, the scene captured in uganda. you can see the lion inching
5:04 am
closer and closer to the little guy. then the unexpected happens. take a look at this tender moment between the two. eventually the lion seen picking up the antelope by the scruff of the neck and carrying it away. >> brian: together they tweeted out this picture. >> steve: available at your local hallmark card store if they still made as many cards. let's send a hello out to laura ingraham. she joins us today. good morning to you. >> anything involving animal, i'm not even going to be able to do this segment. i love it. >> steve: it's adorable. >> brian: that's because the jungle often doesn't end good. >> it doesn't. >> steve: laura, mitt romney, who would like to be commander in chief, had a major foreign policy address yesterday at vmi not far from where you're sitting. he talked how the president dropped the ball on israel, on iran, and in particular about libya and how this white house has really mishandled what happened there. this is the time for mitt romney to step up to the plate and make
5:05 am
sure all americans know what happened there, don't you agree? >> yeah. i think you're absolutely right, steve. i thought the speech had some really very strong moments and yet we know that romney has surged in these polls because of his approach to domestic policy. specifically the economy in the last debate. so there is some folks out there and i'm one of them, that says look, obviously foreign policy is critical, but you have to be careful because the country is very war weary after iraq and afghanistan. and you don't want to put yourself in the position that third foreign policy debate where you're sitting this, standing there and barak obama says, all right, mitt, what do you want to do? take us into another war? the country is basically had enough. he has to be careful. i think all of that was good, but he has to be careful. on libya, he is exactly right, to take this up a notch because we're now finding out that that benghazi compound hadn't even been secured by the libyan officials, nor by the american
5:06 am
officials as of last weekend. terrorism chief is just arriving there today, john brennan. >> brian: lieutenant colonel was there saying specifically i need more help out there. security is very concerned. the state department not only did not give them help e this told them to stop asking for additional security. >> yeah. it's inconvenient when people actually need the protection that they deserve when they're serving their country proudly and christopher stevens' journal, that was retrieved by a cable news network when our people were not on site. this is where romney, i think, can really make a great point and where people will look to him as okay, i don't think this would happen under his watch. the competency issue. what do you do when america -- first of all, on september 11, you secure your compounds. second of all, if something like this befalls this country or interests, how do you respond? you respond by as tom coburn said on my radio show, with a massive cover-up, this could be
5:07 am
a massive cover-up? do you respond that way or do you respond methodically. secure the compound, interview all witnesses. neither thing today, as of today, has been done. that is shocking. that's a competency issue. >> gretchen: that's why a third debate between the two will be so important because it will be foreign policy and no doubt it might be the first time that the american public actually hears president obama answering some of those charges. >> right. >> gretchen: because he's probably not going to call a press conference before that time because these questions would probably come up. the camp seems to be very -- what's the word? >> steve: unified. >> gretchen: set in stepping up the character attacks against mitt romney. immediately calling him a liar before the debate was even over. listen to this. >> are you saying that governor romney lied or was dishonest? >> yeah. i think he was dishonest. absolutely. plenty of people pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night. if he was talking -- if he was speaking last night, he was
5:08 am
lying. >> we expected an aggressive debater to show up last night on the debate stage with barak obama. we didn't expect an aggressively dishonest debater to show up. >> if you just lay out lie after lie after lie about your own plan, as well as what the president has been talking about, of course, you can look good. >> steve: that's all they got? >> yeah. the big belly flop, right? their guy did the big belly flop in the debate and now they send out all your minyons to do the clean-up work and oh, no, this is really a triple flip with a perfect twist. okay? the guy failed in front of the american people on stage at that debate. you can joke about it, you can try to be self depricating when you're with the hollywood crowd in los angeles. but the bottom line is the president could not defend neither his record nor could he defend the persuasive presentation by mitt romney who came across as extremely knowledgeable and also a gracious person. even when he was criticizing the
5:09 am
president, he did so in a good natured fashion. i think the lie attack is rich lowry and others like brit hume pointed out t doesn't fly when you're talking about romney. you can say maybe he changed his position on abortion and things like that, but i just think looking at mitt romney, he's a big liar, it doesn't add up. it looks like you're trying to cover for a really, really bad performance. >> gretchen: do you think that the polls that have come out now, the pugh poll that shows romney takes a four-point lead over likely voters, which is the important category because they'll go to the poll, do you think that's a result of solely his debate performance or do you factor in sort of this lying excuse theory that maybe that turned people the wrong way? >> yeah. that's interesting, gretchen. i think the debate is a lot of it. merit wins out eventually and i think if you -- in a time where a country is in such great turmoil and crisis, people look to a steady hand and romney
5:10 am
looked like that steady hand, like he had the hand firmly gripping the tiller. and i think that was very convincing to people. i also think some of this libya stuff is actually beginning to settle on the american public and even if they don't follow it day by day, something just seems really, really wrong with this situation. mccain was right, the idea you send someone out to say it's a spontaneous act when a garden variety observer of international affairs could see that this was a planned, vicious attack on an american outpost, i just think that doesn't settle well with people. i think all of that is beginning to gel. maybe people are marinating it a little bit more. but we still have four weeks 'til this election. >> brian: and two more presidential debates. the last one on foreign policy and then factor in the report for "60 minutes," she indicated during the week that for the last two years, this administration has really not been telling the truth about situations and not been listening to their commanders on
5:11 am
the ground. where did that foreign policy grade go? on a much lighter note but serious note, stacy dash, who is an actress in hollywood, very successful, endorsed mitt romney and tweeted it out. she's african-american and she just got blitzed in return in a very ugly way. >> yeah. look, i clerkedded for justice thomas. i'm used to seeing this kind of stuff. it doesn't surprise me one bit. everybody from tom seoul to colonel allen west have talked about the liberal plantation, that if you're black or minority and you happen to champion conservative causes, free market, someone like mitt romney, you're a sell-out. you're an uncle tom, and that's -- to me, that's really, really sad. the fact that we can't have disagreements and be of a certain race or a background and think differently? >> gretchen: la thank is all she said in the tweet. vote romney, the only choice for
5:12 am
your future. >> how dare she! how dare she think for herself and have her own viewpoint. you've seen this on people who express their views on social issue, they're called haters. people who disagree with the still primarily liberal orthodoxy and the entertainment community. you hear them talking about not getting roles, they're not getting auditions. not my word to call it a plantation. the words of people who suffered the same type of thing. it's sad, but i hope stacy, you realize that so many people are with you and support your freedom to think and believe what you would like. >> steve: that's right. and where is the tolerance from the other tide? she did tweet afterward, in my humble opinion, everyone is entitled to one. unfortunately, laura, oftentimes it seems like just one side is entitled to their opinion, doesn't it? >> no. again, if you happen to be black and disagree with what this historic president has done to black america or latino america or small businesses or women,
5:13 am
then you are a hater and a sell-out. i think it's incumbent upon all of us to reinvigorate this idea of freedom of thought and expression and beat back the forces of true intolerance, which is those who are intolerant of intellectual diversity and robust exchange of ideas. that's what i thought it was supposed to be all about. if o'reilley and stewart can do it, why can't the rest of us have this debate and be vigorous about it? >> gretchen: have a great radio show. laura ingraham. >> thanks. >> gretchen: yesterday we told you there was nothing to stop foreigners from donating to president obama's campaign which is not legal. today there is a big update to that story. we'll have it next. >> brian: then he works in an industry that leans left. but kid rock doesn't care. >> you know what? i really believe strongly that it's okay to disagree on politics and the direction of our country without hating one another. ♪ >> brian: hear what else he has to say as he sings about it.
5:14 am
♪ i was born free ♪ ♪ i was born free ♪ born free ♪ [ female announcer ] beef, meet flavor boost.
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5:17 am
>> steve: we told you yesterday about a bombshell report the obama campaign actively soliciting donations from foreigners apparently, which is illegal. >> you heard of voter fraud? this is donor fraud. they have a massive apparatus that goes from social media to digital money to fundraising. what they've done, they've got every tool available, standard tools that they could use to check if you want to buy a mug, but what they do is drive everybody to their web site, everybody to their donate page, and they have no security at all. >> we don't know because of the disclosure requirements how much money is getting through. what they tell us is that they have this sort of back hand procedure at the end to make sure this is not happening. but we have to take their word
5:18 am
for it. >> steve: an obama campaign official tells fox news that the basic charge in the story is baseless. is there an illegal donor loophole going on here? fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr., has been looking at it. what do you think? >> i read the entire report. 108 pages. they say it's a big problem in american politics at the congressional level and particularly they looked at the he barak obama campaign. what they found is looking at several of the web sites, first, barak, 43% of the traffic to that web site goes to the donation page there from foreign countries. so from foreign, people on the computer. >> steve: that's illegal? >> to solicit foreigners is illegal. mybarak, 20% of the links are foreign based. and then the third,, which isn't even owned by the president's people, owned by a
5:19 am
businessman named roach, who is one of the president's big, biggest contributors and went to a steak dinner with the chinese president in manhattan here, 68%. 68%. >> steve: isn't that guy a shanghai -- >> shanghai based infomercial man. he made million of dollars. and so obviously they focused on the obama campaign because they saw that as the biggest problem. no one has accused of them of willingly breaking the law. but at the least there is an exploitation, it appears, of an illegal loophole. when you send out misssives to foreign nationals and at the same time, don't check the credit cards which they accuse the obama campaign of doing, the opportunity for illegal contributions is ripe.
5:20 am
and it's a crime to solicit foreigners. >> steve: man. >> for obvious reasons. big problem in national politics for a long time. but focused in 2012. >> steve: we've got a statement from ofa does not accept donations from foreign nationals or ineligible individuals and the campaign voluntarily goes above and beyond sec commitments to insure the integrity of fundraising efforts. so there you go. >> interesting. >> steve: it is indeed. let's hope they continue to look at this to figure out whether or not there has been -- >> people should go look at this report. it applies to a lot of folks, republicans and democrats. >> steve: thank you very much. straight ahead, do you think the victim of a shooting should be able to hold the gun maker responsible? it just happened for the first time ever. we'll tell you the story. then, don't want your son to grow up into this? >> to what purpose, in tyler we
5:21 am
trusted. >> steve: up next, three very simple things every mother must do to make sure your boy turns into a good man [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil®. here one story. i'm sean. i switched to adv® 10 months ago. biking can be really tough on the lower back and your upper thighs. you have some nasty aches and pains. i really like advil® because it takes care of it all. neck ache, shoulder pain and definitely lower back pain. i use advil® because my wife, she's a nurse, she recommended it. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil®. and if pain keeps you up, sleep better with advil® pm. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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5:24 am
>> brian: quick alert. first, fox news alert coming your way. i received word that dare devil sky devil felix baumgartner delayed his 23-mile free fall. the reason? he doesn't want to die. the real reason? high winds. we're now told the earliest his sky dive will take place is 9:30 eastern time. then only $10,000 for a college degree. ten schools in texas are offering the discounted tuition after a challenge by governor rick perry to make college more
5:25 am
affordable. okay. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks, brian. our next guest says moms also play an important role. joining me the author of "what a difference a mom makes," psychologist dr. kevin leeman. great to see you again. >> thank you. >> gretchen: so the special relationship starts right from the beginning and goes on and on and on, right? i have a son, i know what it's all about. >> it does. i've got a chapter called planning your toddler's wedding. it gets mommies' attention. what do you mean? well, this little guy better learn to respect his mama. that happens in the home. so the acceptance part, the abc avenues it, accept your kid for who he is, but you also have to discipline him. so sometimes you got to give them their vitamin and give them the look, don't let them get away with things. >> gretchen: i like the fact that you call it the vitamin end. sometimes when they give you those doe eyes, it's hard to
5:26 am
discipline, but important. >> but you got to know about boys, they're stupid. they'll do dumb things. call your insurance agent. call your insurance agent. that's why you pay more for your son. they'll have peeing contest, beeching contests. they're weird. i brought a book that i tell women think of your husband as a four-year-old that shaves. i also tell them, don't ask your husband why. don't ask your son why. you want them o talk to you, say, tell me more about that. the why thing shuts things down for all of us as men. >> gretchen: interesting. a sense of belonging. >> yeah. make sure your kid gives back to the family. maybe you got a 13-year-old kid, maybe you're a single mom and you need a car. hey, you seem to like cars. do some internet research for me? let the kid give back. it's called empowerment. so make sure that kid gives back to the family. >> gretchen: competence. >> competence. you got to come alongside of the kid.
5:27 am
mommy, your son might be involved in something you have no interest in, but you got to capture this kid's heart. pay attention to his heart, the way do you that is to get behind his eyes, see how he sees life and you're his cheerleader essentially. that you believe in him. i graduated fourth in the bottom of my class in high school. yet i've done a few things in life. but i had a mother who prayed for me every day of my life and she believed in me. so don't sell your words short, mom. you make huge difference in your kids' life. >> gretchen: it's already a best seller. what a difference mom makes. congratulations on yet another great book. great to see you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, remember when candidate obama blasted republicans for high gas prices? >> so what have we got for all that experience? gas that's approaching $4 a gallon. >> gretchen: what will he say now with prices in some states pushing 6 bucks a gallon? then, gene simmons' daughter, sophie, following in dad's foot steps. she's here live next.
5:28 am
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>> the vice presidential debate
5:32 am
is three days away. both sides are busy getting ready. and republican candidate paul ryan says he expects joe biden to come at him like a cannon ball. biden was like, there is going to be a pool there? [ laughter ] i'm more of a belly flop guy. cannon ball? chuck norris! >> steve: the pool. i wonder how the office pool is going. people making bets about things like that. as long as there is no money wager, i'm sure it's fine. >> brian: thursday in kentucky, i think it will matter. >> steve: absolutely it will. >> gretchen: so stay tuned. we'll have the analysis thursday and friday. now headlines. >> brian: that's when gretchen's voice changes in cadence. goldman sachs employees have abandoned president obama in the
5:33 am
>> gretchen: israel making a major military move to counter suspected hezbollah drones. israeli jets scrambled to intercept an unmanned drone. this video is from the israeli defense force. it shows the drone in israeli air space. you can see israel was able to shoot it down over the desert. israeli newspaper reporting israel has deployed u.s. made patriot missiles as it investigates investigates who is behind that drone. >> steve: that's good shooting. speaking of shooting for the first time ever, a shooting victim is being allowed to sue a gun maker. a judge giving daniel williams the green light to sue ohio gun company high point and the distributor, mks, because back in 2003, a gang member shot williams in the stoop outside his house t. ended his basketball career e. says the gun maker and distributor knowingly supplied hand guns to
5:34 am
irresponsible dealers. hence the problem. brian. >> brian: hear a strange noise coming from under the hood of his car. he discovered a real surprise. >> i heard a chirping under the hood and i drove a little bit and i drove some more. and i said that's a cat. >> brian: that's right. a three week old kitten crawled under the hood and got stuck. firefighters worked for 45 minutes to free up the fur ball. she's purr effectually fine. she needs a home. >> steve: wow. i had a squirrel once ride with me to work. >> brian: really? >> steve: yeah, as soon as i stopped, i opened the door and the thing jumped out. >> gretchen: it was in the car with you? >> steve: apparently in the motor. under the motor somewhere 'cause it was nice and warm. >> gretchen: oh, my goodness. okay. >> brian: even squirrels get cold. >> gretchen: that would have caused me to faint. more bombshell information about what appears to be a blunder in benghazi, libya. we've learned pleas for extra security in libya were denied. wendell goler is live at the
5:35 am
white house. good morning to you. >> good morning. the house oversight and government reform committee will hear tomorrow from a former head of a special forces team who says the state department turned down a request to keep his team at the embassy in tripoli before the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. it's unclear if additional security in tripoli would have meant more guards traveling with stevens to benghazi, but republican congressman jason chaffetz of utah says the department also signed off on a waiver allowing the benghazi consulate not to conform with some physical security requirements. chaffetz visited the site over the weekend, another law maker, tennessee senator bob corker was there just yesterday. it was just last week that the f.b.i. managed to get a team investigators to the site for the first time since the september 11 attack. chaffetz said on this program a short while ago, there were other security problems before the attack in benghazi that
5:36 am
should have served as a warning. >> twice in the lead up to the attack on 9-11, our compound in benghazi was bombed. twice the british ambassador had an assassination attempt. we were moving into 9-11 and now the white house wants to say, well, we had no direct information, no actionable intelligence. are you kidding me? where else in the world was their consulate bombed twice and now we got four dead americans. >> the state department says the 16 member security team that was withdrawn in august was based in the embassy in tripoli and operated almost exclusively there. but members were used to supplement security as diplomats traveled elsewhere in libya. the request cites the embassy's, quote, large and growing mandate to support libya's transition and rebuild embassy facilities. >> gretchen: wendell goler live at the white house. >> steve: let's talk a little politics. mitt romney from the state of michigan yesterday, paul ryan was in michigan. he was introduced by kid rock who made it very clear he supports mitt romney even though
5:37 am
the industry that he works in, the entertainment world, does not lean to the right. here is that kid rock. >> it's a little difficult to put my instead of this position, no one that -- knowing i may alienate a few fans. you know what? i really believe strongly that it's okay to disagree on politics and the direction our country without hating one another. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, it's no secret that i'm imbedded in an industry that leans very left.>> steve: indee. >> gretchen: he was there doing a rally for paul ryan. he felt so very instrumental, no pun intended, in playing for the troops and he says that maybe that's what musicians should do more often is entertain the troops instead of preaching politics. in the meantime, he also spoke about president obama and said that he was concerned about what
5:38 am
kind of president he ended up being because he saw so much hope in the beginning. >> also i want to be real clear that i'm very proud to say that we have had elected our first black president. all right? [ cheering ] i'm sorry he didn't do a better job. i really wish he would have. i do. but the facts are the facts. we just saw them come to light in the last debate. with no outside bs, no biased media involved, no interruptions and negative political ads every five seconds, and most importantly, no damn teleprompters. [ cheers and applause ] i enjoyed it so much, i think i might throw a keg party for the biden-ryan debate. >> brian: i get the sense he might have voted for president obama the first time around.
5:39 am
>> steve: he could be right. >> brian: you have no idea 'cause those things are kept private. you think he is somewhat disappointed. >> steve: we know he's going to vote for this time. moving on to some entertainment news, our next guest is somebody who knows all about being a rock star because she comes from a rock star family. she's the daughter of kiss' gene simmons and is now trying to make it as a singer on "x factor." ♪ when the rain is going in your face ♪ ♪ and the whole world is on your case ♪ ♪ . >> steve: sophie tweet-simmons joins us live from los angeles. good morning to you. >> hi. good morning. >> steve: you are terrific. at what point did you tell your very famous father, hey, dad, i want to try out on this singing show to be america's best singer? >> well, my audition was actually on father's day and i called him about midnight, night before, told him that i couldn't
5:40 am
come to father's day brunch. they were pretty upset with me. >> steve: i bet. >> brian: because you were? >> 'cause i was auditioning for "x factor." >> brian: then he said? >> he was pretty upset and he hopped on the first plane up there and they were there i think within three hours. >> gretchen: so here we can see the video. saw this actual episode as well. there is your mom and dad watching you at the audition. and when you came out on stage, was it brittany or demi who knew who you were? >> it was demi. somehow -- it's so weird when a famous person knows who you are. like never happens. but she -- somehow she knows my brother, i guess, through just being in l.a., i guess. >> steve: it's a small world. so at the ends of the song, how did they grade you? >> i got three out of four yeses. l.a. reed told me he didn't get the tingle he wanted to get when
5:41 am
i was singing. that's fine, you know. i really wanted a fair shot and i appreciated constructive criticism. >> brian: how hard did you work at this for this time? you were just born with that talent? >> honestly, i didn't do this audition for the singing and i really didn't think i would even make it through to compete. i really did it just to do something for myself. so i was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed that i even got three yes, sirs. >> gretchen: now you made it to the boot camp phase. we don't want to give too much of that away. we'll still be watching "x factor" to see how she does. congratulations. great to talk to you today. >> thanks so much, you guys. >> steve: tell your dad hi. he comes on the show every once in a while good friend of the show. >> i will. >> brian: he does cause some chaos. congratulations. >> steve: meanwhile, from new york city, remember when candidate barak obama blasted republicans for soaring gas prices? remember this? >> what have we got for all that
5:42 am
experience? gas that's approaching $4 a gallon. >> steve: but what has he soon going on in california these days? gas pushing 6 bucks a gallon. charles gasparino on this coming up next. >> brian: he's checking the schedule. >> gretchen: we promised you'd never seen a bull fight like this one. we'll explain what these crazy guys are doing.
5:43 am
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>> gretchen: quick headlines. fox news alert, live pictures come greece where merkel is getting a not so warm welcome and not unexpected. many greeks blame her for the debt crisis, saying she supported the e.u.'s austerity measures and you've never seen a bull fight like this one. men tossed around like rag dolls, perhaps it's because the event in colombia let's amateur
5:46 am
matadors jump into the ring and taunt the bulls. they have no licenses. 19 people were hurt. two of them seriously. no word from the bull. gretch? >> steve: that's a lot of bull. >> gretchen: thanks. remember when then cab date obama blasted republicans for high gas prices? >> the cab dates with the washington experience, my opponent, are good people. they mean well. but they've been in washington an awful long time and even with all the experience they talk about, nothing has happened. this country didn't raise fuel efficiency standards for over 30 years. so what have we got for all that experience? gas that's approaching $4 a gallon. >> gretchen: the president may want to take a look at the prices in california right now because in some places gas nearly 6 bucks a gallon. >> steve: in addition, the national average is up significantly since president obama took office. so why are the president's policies failing? we're joined by senior
5:47 am
correspondent for "fox business" network, charles gasparino. good morning to you. >> how are you? >> steve: doing okay. although the average family, charles, is struggling because when you got gas that has doubled in price in four years, that's like an unfair tax on every family. >> called a regresssive tax. it hits everybody the same, including rich people. so it obviously hits poor people harder. we should point out what the president didn't point out is that if someone says it's out of his control. oil is a commodity. when you have low interest rates as you have now, like 0% fed funds rates, low interest rates on the long bond, what happens is traders will bid up more risky commodities and that's what they're doing. they're bidding up the price of oil, thus gasoline. we should also point out part of it is in his hands and that's drilling. he has policies that discourage drilling. >> steve: we heard about that at the debate. >> we know that. that is the other half. when you have low interest rates, you have to know that you know what? oil prices are going to spike. so guess what? you better start drilling more. that's what he's not doing.
5:48 am
he's essentially sacrificing middle class and poor people's income for a crazy energy policy. >> gretchen: and those energy policies, speak of california, the gas is so sky high and doesn't california have a lot of these environmental policies with regard to the blends that they can actually sell in the state? >> right. we were talking about that. they did -- there is a loft things you could do to get down the price of gasoline right now, including drilling more, keystone pipeline. by the way, one of the problems the president has is he doesn't understand markets. i heard him once say listen, because this is a global market issues if we drill more here, it doesn't necessarily mean we'll have lower prices 'cause it's a global market. guess what? it does because prices will be lower than they otherwise would be. >> steve: the perfect example is natural gas because of all the shale drilling up in the northern plains, i just heard my local gas company in northern new jersey, our rates are going down this year because we've got a lot more, because we're doing more drilling. >> right. i think -- supply matters
5:49 am
obviously. future supply matters since this stuff is traded in the future exchange. you put that together, mr. president, you'll know we can have lower gas prices, lower oil prices, if you start drilling. >> gretchen: charlie, we'll see you on the "fox business" network. thanks. coming up, whether you're taking the kids to appleby's or tgi friday's. there is always a choice. the healthier answer, how to do it healthier, coming up next. >> steve: i'm going to go with that. let's check in with her to find out what happens in 11 minutes. >> hey there. good morning. so mitt romney closes a huge gap with women voters and surges with the military. we'll talk to rudy guiliani and steve hayes. they'll way in on the big swing we're seeing this morning in the polls and a jump from space may happen during "america's newsroom" at 23 miles plunge to earth. we'll see you at the top of the hour when bill and i join you a. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer.
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>> brian: i'm warning you, this is my favorite most useful food segment ever. a shocking new study shows seven out of every ten kids are eating way more salt than they should. four times too much salt. so here are some swaps to help your kids eat healthier, especially when you eat out. clint carter is here, the editor of men's health magazine and contributed to the book called "eat this, not that." welcome back. >> thanks for having me on. >> brian: first off, here is a common comparison. should we get the whole wheat pasta or pizza with pepperoni? >> a lot of people will not be shock to do find out this pepperoni pizza is a big disaster. >> brian: uno chicago grill. 2,000-milligrams of sodium, almost as much as a child should have in a whole day. not to mention it has more
5:54 am
calories than a double quarter pounder with cheese. this a can kid's meal. go with the whole wheat pasta. you'll get more fiber and cut sodium by 85%. you'll cut out 13 grams of saturated fat. >> brian: and the key is, don't ever be honest with your kid. it's not whole meet. it must be your taste buds. friday's. should we have the mac and cheese or hamburger and tangerines? >> the problem here with this mac and cheese is you'll say, if you look at the cal lyrics 550 calories is not bad for macaroni and cheese and french fries. it has more sodium than anybody. child or otherwise should eat in an entire day. you go with the burger, you get protein. you cut that sodium by 80%. >> brian: appleby's, kids eating off the kid's grill of the grill cheese or mini burgers and broccoli? >> a lot of problems with this plate. not the least is that it has more than 1,000 calories. that is a ridiculous amount to serve a child. this is kid food here. so again, small burger is not a
5:55 am
bad decision for a child, especially if you can use that little treat as leverage for a healthy side dish. >> rick: for four straight night, mom doesn't want to cook. ruby tuesday. chicken nuggets or grilled chicken? >> this is shrimp. if you want that much sodium, you're better off drinking ocean water where the shrimp came from. better choice here, go with the grilled chicken. you get the exact same sides. low, you're not losing anything. you're going to cut the sodium way down much, much healthier. >> brian: so informative, can i go up to a waitress and say, adjust these meals to make them bad or can you say the salt out? >> they might tell you yeah, you can, but they're going to lie to you. that's are packed with sodium when they come to the restaurant. >> brian: the kids' follow-up question, you should answer, just shut up and eat. and don't be afraid to tell t waiter we're out of mac and cheese or out of grilled cheese.
5:56 am
>> yeah. >> brian: great job. thanks so much. get his book. it's got all the answers in it. "eat this, not that." good job. five minutes before the top of the hour. let me tell you what's coming up, to say something really substantial in the ends. we don't have enough time for a long segment. you'll see us. and we'll slowly zoom out from this segment and slowly come it an end losing weight clicked for us when we realized
5:57 am
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>> gretchen: let's of e-mails on the show. one got our attention. here it is. good morning y'all. absolutely love watching "fox & friends" and do so every day. i looked at brian's tie with all due respect, brian, yellow is not your color. lol. anyway, i have a question. how come y'all aren't wearing pink ties for breast cancer awareness month? >> steve: that's right. it's october. i wore it -- >> brian: let's wear one tomorrow. >> steve: pink ties both of


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